Clochee Premium

The fusion of nature and technology

Hydrosols with skincare benefits

Perfect for vegetarians and vegans

Environmentally friendly packaging (PCR glass and refills)

Up to 83.5% organic ingredients

Premium products

The cosmetic formulas in the PREMIUM line have been selected to provide exceptionally powerful anti-ageing effects on many levels. We have combined the latest bio-technologies and natural ingredients known for their properties for centuries and successfully used in natural medicine. In addition to the compositions, the line delights with delicate, feminine fragrances and textures that are extremely velvety and pleasant for the skin. Clochee Premium Cosmetics are more than 50% organic, which means that the active ingredients in them must meet strict standards, among others, no pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used to grow them. They must also not be genetically modified. This ensures that their best properties are preserved.

Every drop of the premium cosmetics line has been infused with rich active ingredients. We have replaced ordinary water, which is contained in each cosmetic and is responsible for the consistency, with floral waters, which provide the skin with an incredible amount of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, each product contains the maximum amount of natural and organic ingredients, guaranteeing visible results.

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Key ingredients

Hydrosols with Nourishing Effects

from Damask Rose - a source of bioflavonoids (antioxidant, free radical neutralization), beta-carotene, and B-group vitamins. from Prickly Pear - rich in vitamins C, A, E, sugars, and peptides, as well as mineral salts. Exhibits anti-aging properties and supports regeneration.


safely brightens and improves skin tone

An Ayurvedic, natural ingredient (Indian gooseberry) with a broad range of functions, combining nature, tradition, and science. Its holistic effects focus on safely brightening and improving skin tone.


alleviates involuntary contractions of facial micromuscles

A biotechnological active ingredient of natural origin. It's a green botox that alleviates involuntary contractions of facial micromuscles.


extends the life of skin cells and ensures their vitality

A multifunctional antioxidant with unique anti-aging properties. Its activity is associated with a proven ability to penetrate the skin barrier, thereby extending the life of skin cells and ensuring their vitality.

Proven Effectiveness

Studies conducted in an external laboratory. The results of the cosmetics' performance were evaluated after 4 weeks of use.


Age-Delay Day Cream

58,72% increase in moisture levels

40,85% mprovement in elasticity

36,07% eduction in wrinkles


Renew Night Cream

62,31% increase in moisture levels

53,29% mprovement in elasticity

31,07% eduction in wrinkles


Beauty Lifting Elixir

56,14% increase in moisture levels

36,69% mprovement in elasticity

40,59% eduction in wrinkles

EMBLICA intense

Brightening Concentrate

61,68% increase in moisture levels

49,71% mprovement in elasticity

40,59% eduction in wrinkles

29,61% decrease in discoloration levels

Everything is subject to nature.

Democritus and Epicurus

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