Cookies Policy


We may collect personal data automatically through cookies on our websites. Cookies are small text files stored on a user's computer or other mobile device while using internet services. These files are used for various functions on a specific website or to confirm that a user has seen certain content on a website. Among cookies, there are those that are necessary for Clochee's services to function. These cookies are used to:

  • maintain user sessions,
  • save user session state,
  • enable authorization using the login service,
  • save information for anonymous user login,
  • save information necessary for the operation of the online shopping cart through websites,
  • monitor service availability.

The next category of cookie files is the ones that aren't essential for using the Services, but make it easier to use them. They are used to:

  • restore the last visited view when logging back into the product
  • remember the user's choice regarding stopping the display of a certain message or showing it a specific number of times
  • restore the user's session
  • remember the last chosen category in the product
  • check if the cookie files are functioning properly
  • enable automatic login to the product (the "remember me" option)
  • tailor the content of the products to user preferences
  • set the preferred language, currency, font size, and other similar properties that make working with the application easier
  • restore the last search result in the product
  • display the last viewed products in the online store
  • display the last selected sorting parameter.

Among the entities as of the date of preparing this document, we include:

  • Google Analytics (more information and Google Analytics blocking add-on:
  • Facebook (more information on the website:
  • Instagram (more information on the website:
  • DotPay (more information on the website:

We also inform you that some elements of Clochee services are supported by external advertisers who place behavioral ads on Clochee's websites. Content from external providers may contain cookies from other entities, so it is recommended that the user familiarize themselves with the rules for using these cookies to support websites by these external providers. The user can manage cookies used by Clochee or any other external providers by changing the settings of their web browser. Clochee also reserves that after rejecting cookies, some features offered by our Services may not work properly, and in some cases, this may even result in the complete inability to use the selected product.

** The last update of this document took place on 24.05.2018. **