Who We Are?

Clochee - Natural and Organic Cosmetics Created Just for You

The Clochee team operates with the motto of returning to nature. Our goal is to create products that will help properly care for the condition and appearance of your skin. In our ecofriendly packaging, we've encapsulated a piece of nature that can accompany you every day. It's important for us to fulfill the mission of providing natural cosmetics with respect for the environment. We want to create a community with you that is environmentally conscious.

We are delighted to be part of your skincare rituals. We offer products that we use ourselves. The strength of Clochee lies in the quality of our products. Unique formulas, carefully selected active ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging - that's the recipe for our success.

Back to nature

We want to show you that going back to nature is not just a slogan, but what our ancestors used is the best source and recipe for beauty.

We operate according to this idea, creating products that comply with European standards, consisting only of selected natural ingredients and certified raw materials.

We prepare ecological cosmetics that will bring you closer to nature. We cannot replace running barefoot on the grass or listening to the rustle of trees, but we will make sure that the herbs, fruits, flowers, and oils contained in our cosmetics will add vigor to your skin.

Our goal is for you to have nature at your fingertips and use it consciously. Thanks to us, you won't have to worry about the condition and appearance of your skin. If you live in a big city, you don't have to miss contact with nature because we give you a piece of it.

Live eco

The future belongs to companies that contribute to improving the quality of life on the planet, while also being guided by values such as cooperation and sustainable development.

That's how we operate! We also responsibly address the issue of packaging, which is why our cosmetics are packaged very sparingly. We ensure that as much of our packaging as possible comes from recycling and is suitable for reprocessing.

Environmental care is our commitment to you and nature. Everyone who chooses Clochee helps the environment! Our company's mission is for each of our customers to make rational choices and consciously help the environment.

Our goal is ecological education, which will make you look at the environment more friendly. We want to show how easy it is to live eco.


Clochee is a health project for both body and soul.

The essence of natural beauty hidden in our cosmetics will make you feel taken care of and healthy. Nature gives us a piece of itself, and we pass it on. By using Clochee products, you will experience their regenerating and nourishing effects. Looking in the mirror, you will smile and create an aura of positive energy.

You will discover the beauty that lies dormant within you and begin to radiate it. Our goal is your smile and optimism.

The most beautiful thing in the world is a cheerful face.

Albert Einstein

Company history

Great ideas come at the least expected moments. The same thing happened with Clochee. The idea of introducing completely new Polish quality in the eco cosmetics market was born by chance and naturally developed from day to day. Clochee was created by a duo of two women from Szczecin: Daria Prochenka and Justyna Szuszkiewicz. Their common passion turned into effective, Polish, and ecological products.

"The best recommendation is the fact that we produce for you cosmetics that we ourselves need. Clochee is our ideal."

We prove that healthy, natural cosmetics can be pleasant for the eye and body, and caring for the ecological nature of products does not exclude aesthetic experiences. Although the story may sound like a fairy tale, before the idea turned into a mature concept, many months of hard preparations and meticulous analysis passed.

From the beginning, the plan includes many stages of brand development. We are systematically growing, improving our products, and giving you an increasingly rich line of cosmetics. We want you to find everything your body needs every day in one place.

Brand philosophy

We do what we love.

Most of us dream of fulfilling ourselves professionally in doing what we enjoy. That’s why we created Clochee. We do what we love, what interests us, and what we know best. We want to share it with you.

We need what you need

We want to give you the products that we use ourselves. We need the same: health, beauty, and safety. Clochee's strength is the excellent quality of our products. We do not take shortcuts, and our cosmetics undergo strict verification before they are on the shelves. We carefully select suppliers, meticulously develop recipes, and carefully analyze test results. We do not lack patience and humility. Before Clochee cosmetics come into your hands, they are assessed by experts. Hence the certainty that they are proven, safe, and fully natural.

We show that there are ideals

We do not race against time and we take our time to prepare our products. We only hand over the product to you when we are 100% satisfied. We are looking for perfect raw materials, ecological, and beautiful packaging until they meet our exorbitant expectations. The visual, aromatic, and tactile experiences are equally important to us.

We care about the quality of service

Clochee's strength is not only the excellent quality of products and an ecological approach to the world. It’s also fulfilling your expectations and needs. We are for you.

Nature inspires us

Our goal is to create the most perfect cosmetics that are completely natural, safe, and healthy. Clochee uses the forces of nature, plants, and minerals, in harmony with the environment.

We combine tradition with innovation

The Clochee philosophy is the perfect combination of nature, tradition, and innovation. We take advantage of proven recipes and ingredients that our great-grandmothers used, adding modern knowledge and technical capabilities. We know that the minerals, grains, fruits, and flowers that our ancestors used are raw materials that are precious to us. Discarded for years, they return to favor. Thanks to modern science and laboratory research, we want to give you their pure and healthy essence.

We honestly care for the environment

We don't take shortcuts. When building an ecological brand, we are not satisfied with semi-finished products. We take responsibility for the creation and packaging process. Our surroundings and the production path are as important to us as the end result. We make sure that all packaging comes from recyclable materials or can be recycled. We know that “less is more”, so we pack our products sparingly.

We promote an ecological lifestyle

We take part in many social and environmental campaigns. We show you how easy and pleasant it is to take care of the environment. We are not moralizing, we are just trying to develop ecological awareness. We want to make you aware of the benefits of turning "towards nature" and developing the need to take responsibility for the environment.