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The cosmetics will help take care of your skin and soothe your senses with delightful scents. PURE offers a wide range of products suitable for every skin type. They will assist in moisturizing, cleansing, nourishing, and protecting your skin.

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Many people overlook labels, yet natural cosmetics have a defined composition and are produced in line with the philosophy of sustainable development.** Natural cosmetics ** contain active ingredients such as plant or mineral extracts, including herbal, floral, and fruit extracts, plant oils, and extracts from vegetables, trees, and nuts. These ingredients are always sourced with environmental respect and without harm to animals. Natural cosmetics are rich in vitamins, minerals, and natural oils from fruits and plants, providing not only excellent hydration for elastic and smooth skin but also a delightful fragrance. Moreover, natural oils serve as natural sunscreens, so natural cosmetics containing them offer protection against UV radiation (with an SPF of 2-4). It's worth noting that natural cosmetics contain fewer allergenic substances than conventional ones, making them better tolerated by our skin.

Clochee Online Store – a Wide Range of Products

In our online store, you'll discover natural cosmetics for both facial and body care tailored to your skin's needs. From face creams, masks, serums, to eye creams – all these are available in our facial care products. We also prioritize proper cleansing, offering micellar waters, oils, and toners. Your body deserves proper care throughout the year, and our selection of well-crafted cosmetics can provide just that. Choose your favorite body product from our exceptional list of balms, gels, butters, or massage oils—all enriched with active ingredients and delightful scents.

Natural Skin Care with Clochee

Our store, abundant in natural cosmetics, provides you with a versatile range of products. Start with one of our bestsellers, such as Clochee's Smoothing Cleansing Oil, effectively removing impurities while moisturizing, smoothing, and regenerating the skin. This is thanks to the vitamin-rich sweet almond and sesame oil. A perfect choice for even the driest and most sensitive skin. For thorough cleansing and care for oily and combination skin, we recommend Light Moisturizing and Revitalizing Cream, enriched with Damask rose extract to soothe redness and irritation. Apple stem cells are responsible for skin renewal.

Products for Everyone at Clochee Store

Selected natural ingredients and products for all skin types distinguish our flagship line – Simply Organic. This line marks the extraordinary journey into the world of cosmetics. If you seek products that are a fruity explosion of active ingredients and natural aromas, look no further. PURE by Clochee is the choice for you. We also haven't forgotten about men's skincare needs – Clochee MEN offers an environmentally and skin-friendly vegan formula, enhancing attractiveness with its carefully selected ingredients. Among our men's products, you'll find: Energizing Face Cream, Soothing Aftershave Serum, Moisturizing Hand Cream, and aromatic Refreshing Body Wash. Our concern for the skin of our youngest consumers led to the creation of a unique line, Clochee Baby&Kids, endorsed by Richard the Lynx. These children's cosmetics have a very gentle natural formula, free from fragrances, making them skin-friendly for children. Dermatologically and pediatrically tested, these products ensure the well-being of little ones' skin. For natural anti-aging care, Clochee offers the Clochee PREMIUM line. These high-quality natural cosmetics come in elegant and ecological packaging. Their rich formula provides advanced care with active ingredients such as Emblica, Stevioside, and Resveratrol.