With a large collection of cosmetics it is good to ensure their proper storage and transport. In the accessories section there are elegant toiletry bags made of high-quality materials....

Accessories for cosmetics

Clochee offers mainly natural facial and body care cosmetics, but also a selection of accessories such as elegant toiletry bags or natural soybean candles for relaxation in your home SPA. Check out our offer and complete your order.

Elegant women's toiletry bag – Clochee shop

Every woman has at least several care and make-up cosmetics. For the sake of convenience, store them in a place designated for this purpose to ensure order, safety and easy access when needed. The Clochee toiletry bag is a very practical and stylish accessory that allows you to keep your cosmetics and accessories in order and to access them quickly.

Toiletry bag – a practical and elegant accessory

This stylish toiletry bag is dedicated to women for storage of necessary products such as creams, serums, balms, but also make-up accessories. It is indispensable when travelling, it fits in any suitcase and it won't take up much space, but it can also be used to store cosmetics in the bathroom to keep order in your everyday life.

The Clochee toiletry bag is made of material resistant to damage, pleasant to the touch, and its interior has an impregnated lining. In addition to practical features, its minimalist, universal design also catches the eye.

See the selection of products in the Clochee shop and choose those that will meet all your expectations. In addition to the toiletry bag, you will also find other beauty accessories.