Make-up removal and cleansing

The basis for correct care is properly performed make-up removal and cleansing. You also should use make-up removal cosmetics such as oils that are made of ingredients of natural origin....

Face make-up removal using Clochee cosmetics

Face cleansing is the basis for proper care. Select cosmetics carefully, according to the needs of your skin – Clochee offers natural cosmetics that abound in active ingredients, which will allow you to take care of it comprehensively. Discover the entire Clochee offer – a soothing antioxidant toner, make-up removal oils, foams, mists, micellar water, cleansing gels and emulsions or toners.

The cleansing ritual should be performed in the morning and evening to remove make-up, dust and other impurities and excess sebum. In this way you will prepare your complexion for the penetration of precious nourishing ingredients. Proper cleansing of facial skin is the first step towards healthy, radiant and beautiful skin.

Selected natural make-up removal cosmetics from Clochee

Make-up remover oil

It is a bestseller among Clochee cosmetics. It is dedicated to each skin type. You can use it to wash your face, remove impurities and eye make-up. It consists mainly of sesame oil and sweet almond oil. Additionally it nourishes and moisturises the skin, soothes and improves firmness.

Make-up removal and cleansing foams.

The delicate Clochee facial foam gently washes and wraps the skin. It has a creamy consistency, contains valuable plant extracts that remove make-up and impurities, as well as care for the skin.

Make-up removal toners

The Clochee offer includes a soothing antioxidant or moisturising toner. These products are based on water and hydrolate. Toners protect the skin against bacteria, restore the skin’s proper pH and prepare for further treatment. They add radiance to the skin and prepare it for the ingredients contained in a cream or serum.

Choose skin cleansing cosmetics from Clochee and ensure careful facial make-up removal every day.