Body Skincare

Your body, regardless of the season, requires regular care and regeneration. Choose cosmetics composed of natural ingredients that will accelerate this process and ensure smoothness, health, and firmness....

Clochee Body Lotions

To achieve a daily state of silky and moisturized skin, choose your favorite scent from the aromatic range of body lotions. These products have a light consistency, making them suitable for regular care. Importantly, they absorb easily, making them convenient for frequent use. Firming effects are achieved through the inclusion of natural and organic ingredients, accompanied by a distinctly relaxing aromatic note. They help maintain healthy and smooth skin, both in winter and summer, after hair removal, and following sun exposure.

Body Butters - Exceptional Body Care

If your skin is particularly prone to moisture loss, becomes rough, and requires a more substantial dose of help, choose a body butter. It has a significantly thicker consistency and more deeply nourishes dry skin. After using this product, your skin becomes strongly and deeply nourished and smoothed. The scent of butters is more delicate. An ideal way to restore radiance to dull, sun-damaged, or winter-weary skin is to use a scrub.

Body massage during a bath with this cosmetic improves microcirculation and firms the skin. It also aids in the battle against cellulite. By removing dead and calloused skin, you massage the skin, strengthening it and stimulating regeneration. You can repeat such a treatment two to three times a week. Our natural exfoliating cosmetics use sugar and fruit seeds, enhancing the effect of smooth and elastic skin. With such well-cared-for skin, you're ready for further skincare rituals, tempting with a delightful fragrance.