Simply Nature by Clochee

Simply nature by Clochee to linia produktów, które zapewniają naturalną, kompleksową i zaawansowaną pielęgnację, precyzyjnie ukierunkowaną na opóźnienie i neutralizację procesów starzenia. Kosmetyki Simply Nature mają kompleksowe i holistyczne działanie. Pozwalają na redukcję zmarszczek, silne nawil...


Simply Nature by Clochee – natural and vegan ingredients

The Simply Nature cosmetics contain 99% natural ingredients. Our recipes include advanced complexes suitable for vegans and vegetarians, innovative active ingredients, and extracts that perfectly nourish the skin. The Simply Nature products also include nourishing oils and butters that stimulate revitalisation. The unique ingredients include: GAG complex, hyaluronic acid, biomimetic complex, phytopeptides, lime caviar, zinc, ceramides, stevioside or pomegranate bioferment.


The natural active ingredient is extracted from delicate, dry Stevia Rebaudiana leaves. It prevents the formation of wrinkles and signs of aging caused by everyday stress. It relaxes the skin structures and soothes the effects of involuntary contractions of facial micro-muscles. As a result your skin is smoother, pampered and regenerated.


They are a natural ingredient of skin lipids. They occur in the intercellular cement that seals the spaces between skin cells (corneocytes). Together they form a wall that reduces TEWL and keeps the skin moisturised. The level of ceramides in the skin is reduced with age or due to skin conditions, but also through external factors and environmental stressors. They are the key to delay skin aging, control hydration and keratinisation processes, and provide elasticity.

Biomimetic complex

The natural complex with film-forming properties, thanks to the interpenetrating network of glucopolymers ensures lifting and protection to the skin against environmental stressors. It creates a thin biomimetic and elastic film that just feels like your ‘second skin.’ It mimics the properties and protective functions of the skin, smoothes and tenses it. It improves the sensory and application values. Created using the innovative, patented IBPN® technology.

Simply Nature – certified, eco-friendly and natural cosmetics for everyone

The highest-quality Simply Nature cosmetics have been manufactured with a guarantee of naturalness confirmed by ECOCERT. The certificate guarantees: eco-friendly production and processing with respect for human health, responsible use of natural resources, respect for biodiversity, lack of petrochemical ingredients or GMO.

Furthermore, Simply Nature packages are made in harmony with the environment. It is also included in the recycling loop.